Melissa from Rose Park
16 November 2010

"Elle Whyatt from “Running in Heels” came into my life when we had to put our house on the market and had 3 days to prepare before the photographers arrived. I wasn’t sure what I would need I just knew that my husband was in New Zealand, my mother was away and my son had the mumps and also had a birthday that I hadn’t done anything for. Cupboards needed cleaning, de-cluttering was required and birthday presents needed to be purchased. Oh and our cleaning lady broke her finger. Elle took charge and helped me put everything together. It was a massive effort and wouldn’t have happened without her. She used her network of people and in her very calm manner we presented our house for the photographer with minutes to spare. Thanks Elle!"

Ros Matson, Medieval Themed private dinner party guest
14 July 2010

"Hi Elle Thanks so much for making the night run so smoothly. We all loved your presence and professionalism. I'm sure we will be seeing you again,"

Belinda Wuensch, Regional Vice President Arbonne
14 July 2010

"“I cannot say enough about Running in Heels. Elle was so professional and extremely efficient and detailed in organizing my event. She thought of things I would never have thought of if I was trying to organize it myself. The night ran very smoothly - Elle had it all under control and I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything apart from enjoying the night and having a wonderful time. I would highly recommend her services for anything large or small that one might need a hand with.”"

Matt Smith, Director Klemich Real Estate
17 August 2010

"Dear Elle, Thank you so much for organising my 10 year wedding anniversary recently. Lucy and I had a great time - Lucy was so surprised. Your choice of restaurant, Vue de Monde and The Grand Hyatt Melbourne were brilliant. I appreciate your time and effort to arrange dinner, accommodation, flights, transfers and a gift for Lucy. The service you provided me, with just one call is testament to your ability and the high quality of service you deliver. Once again, thank you for making it all happen!"

Tania from Unley
14 July 2010

"Running In Heels is such a great idea. All those little things on my “to-do” list have been taken care of! Thank you Elle for your positivity and energy in completing even the smallest tasks!"

Simon from Glenalta
27 January 2011

"Elle, it was so much fun working with you to make a huge fuss of my wife on her 40th. birthday. Everybody loved the food, the drinks and the themed decorations. The praise is still rolling in for how you conducted the night. From my perspective, I saved a ton of time, avoided a ton of stress and through the use of your extensive network and industry connections, I honestly believe I saved a lot of money too. For better or worse Elle, I think you're on our team for the rest of time!"

Gary Hamilton, Marketing Manager BEA Mercedes
14 July 2010

"Hi Elle, Thank you for the lovely email and your kind words of praise. You were an absolute pleasure to work with, the preparation and delivery of your event was very professional and I am sure all who attended would also agree, you did an excellent job in ensuring the event was successful. Your attention to detail was impeccable, the food was scrumptious and you impressed all with your vivacious character. We appreciated your respect for our showroom and premises and found every aspect was thoroughly detailed and executed. I look forward to further collaboration and would love to assist you where/when required."

Prue from Beulah Park
01 April 2013

"Well, this is something I simply had to write about. Engaging Running with Heels to help me, was one of those rare experiences, that leaves one feeling completely positive & invigorated, when one least expects it. I had an enormous amount of ‘things’… from teeny tiny, to humongous …all being stored at my house after the death of my parents, whose house was at least five times greater in size than my own. There were actually very few items that needed to be thrown out, but my guest room had become the repository & had literally been filled to the brim …upwards & outwards. I rang Elle, fully of the belief, that if I didn’t know how to organise & store it, then how on earth, could anyone else, possibly be able. I was after all a very capable woman I told myself. However, I was entirely incorrect, in as much as thinking it was impossible. The process was incredibly fluid. We spoke on the phone & made a time for her to come & have a look & the untameable monster. Next I received the most wonderful proposal, unbelievable in fact; it covered every conceivable concern that anyone could dream up. Even the worst of hoarders would have been soothed into a state of calmness by her wonderfully thought out approach. The proposal was full of reassurances, that no one but me would be deciding if anything left the house, that nothing would be lost & above all, that in a matter of a few hours, with me supervising, the monster would be utterly tamed …organised into submission… & that I would be reclaiming my guest room…. very handy as I have a constant stream of guests. Sure enough, it was not a word of a lie & transpired exactly as she had said. It was utterly painless… in fact, quite fun to be honest. Elle & her lovely assistant Gill devised methods to turn the disorder, into perfect order. They had appropriate storage containers for the family photo albums (many) etc. etc. special coat hangers, & all manner of things & ideas. Running in Heels are genius personified when it comes to this kind of unfathomable task. I am in truth, a very, organised person, yet it was beyond me alone. The three of us lifted & planned & within the exact time she had predicted, there before my eyes revealed, was a beautifully, uncluttered & peaceful guest room. I was absolutely thrilled. Elle & her assistant are gorgeous, sensitive girls to deal with, they are intelligent, professional & absolute stars. I cannot recommend them highly enough."